Hi I'm Erika!
I'm an international dog trainer with over ten years of experience and multiple certifications from Italy, USA and New Zealand.
My mission is to help dogs and their humans to learn how to efficiently communicate and unlock the full potential of their unique relationship.
I work with science-based positive reinforcement and always keep myself up to date with the most modern and effective training techniques.​





I always believed in the power of the relationship between dogs and humans. However, when I finally got my first dog, Molly, I didn't feel any of those benefits. Instead, I was extremely frustrated by her reactivity, barking, steeling food, escaping, chewing and never learning where to go potty. She gave me the whole repertoire! And every single piece of advice I received seemed to make things worse.

This was back in 2009 when Positive Reinforcement Training was just beginning its revolution, and I decided to be part of it. It took me a lot of learning and consistency, but the result was a happy Molly who was finally understood and eager to work with me. This success changed my life and made me desire for every person to experience this profound connection and for every dog to be truly understood.

I graduated from the SIUA dog training school in Italy over 10 years ago and more recently from the Victoria Stilwell Academy.



We are often so caught up in wanting our dogs to perform in a certain way or to stop doing something that we might perceived as unpleasant, that we tend to forget about their own needs and wants.

It's very important for me to understand the motivations hidden behind a dog's behaviors and provide them with different and more suitable options to express themselves.

Your Dog's Way also emphasizes the importance of understanding the uniqueness of each dog and respecting their learning pace.